HELLO!!!!! Here I will put some short introduction of some comics that had been published, unpublished, want to be published.

A Second Chance at Sarah

A graphic novel I illustrated in 2009. Written by game writer Neil Druckmann (The Last Of Us) originally published by Ape Entertainment and republished by Dark Horse Comics in 2014.

Synopsis (From Dark Horse Website):As his wife Sarah lies dying, Johnny gets a chance to save her—but at a terrible price! Transported to the past, Johnny finds himself inhabiting his own teenage body, with a single day to prevent the tragedy that led to Sarah’s present-day doom, all while trying to convince her that he really is who he says! With evocative painted art by Joysuke Wong, this is an unforgettable tale of love and sacrifice!

More info check out A Second Chance at Sarah wikipedia page


Hamster and Little Lan Story (Temporary name)

An incomplete comic project I worked on with  french comic writer Helene Herbeau (Le Dynastie des Dragons) in 2009 about a story of a lonely middle school girl and her pet hamster.



Sukeban Turbo

A cancelled and unpublished comic project I worked with french writers Sylvain Runberg François Amoretti and storyboard artist Olivier Martin, published by Ankama edition in 2013.

Aiko is a 17 years old high school girl living in Tokyo, due to her tough childhood she falls into delinquency in her adolescence and becomes the leader of a Sukeban, these young gang is getting involved in crime and they are not afraid of facing their male counterpart (those famous gangsters ). Aiko’s life is always chaotic, she cannot imagine anything different.



The Park

The park is a little horror comic I created while I was living in Hong Kong some years ago, it’s an interesting little project.

The tale of a serial killer clown killing children in an amusement park. Though vicious and terrifying, he never knows what is waiting for him….



What’s Next?

These are my original project in progress:

London Ghoul (The Queen’s Story)

The story is about the ordinary daily life of Elza, The London Queen (also a cannibal ghoul )

After being deeply touched by an unofficial meeting with Ghadi, a buddhist guru from India, Elza becomes eager to experience the normal life of her subjects and to practice a vegetarian lifestyle.
However, her sudden downgrade (according to her) comes with a lot of challenges; finding a job, flat hunting, house keeping and the increasingly tangled web of relationships between her husband, the Prince, and her new found love interests in the City. Not to forget the pressure from the royal family, the government and the people of London!!!!!!

Will she be able to live the life of freedom she dreams of, or will she go back to Puggingham Palace to return to her luxury royal cannibal life?

some concept arts:




Jaycat- The Power of Muscle 

Inspired by my handsome cat Jayjay, this is a story I created especially dedicated to him.

15 year old lonely girl Heiyi makes nothing but enemies; Unpredictable and impetuous, her “don’t-give-a-fuck” attitude fills her school days with constant trouble.

After one day adopting a stray kitten, she’s amazed by his accelerated rate of growth. Day by day he buffs and builds, transforming into the tough talking, muscled Adonis ‘JAYCAT’. With new found confidence, Heiyi throws her weight around, becoming more infamous and even more of a dick! A boiling conflict with her past BFF sees trouble brewing. Will JAYCAT’s toned muscles

and equally toned mind help Hei-yi solve her problems, or only make things worse?

Special thanks: Rob (proof reading and stuffs.)